Check off your So Cal Bucket List with The McKinnon Surf Brand


Today’s article is on an update for the McKinnon Surf Brand!                                              Scroll to see Rocky’s array of surf  related services.

(1)The McKinnon Adaptive Surf Program (2) McKinnon Surf and Stand Up Paddle Lessons (3)  The Bold as Love Outrigger Surf Canoe  (4) The Hangtime Roller Coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Share with your social media friends! Let’s pay it forwrad to Rocky!  Being that I am bucket listing and involved in various charities in So Cal, I definitely felt it was a good fit to have McKinnon Surf Lessons and Bold as Love Outrigger as a part of  Bucket List Coach Web Show sharing with my friends and fans on what this Pay it Forward Surfer does here in Huntington Beach!




(Testimonial with April on Rocky’s adaptive surf program)

On August 13th Rocky Launched his “Adaptive Surfing Program her in Huntington Beach) The ultimate pay it forward surfer, helping special needs children and adults mark off their adrenaline bucket list!


GIVE BACK WITH THE BEST DAY FOUNDATION!                                                                      

After years as a professional Surfer, ranked as one of top 10 long boarders in the nation, Rocky owner of the McKinnon Surf brand is a phenomenal Waterman, accomplished businessman and is making a difference here in So Calif with the Best Day Foundation.

The Best Day Foundation is a volunteer organization that helps children and young adults ages 4 -24 with special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun, adventure activities like surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, snow sports, and more. Please join us in creating special days for children with Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, blindness, cancer, spinal cord injuries, and other physical and developmental challenges.

Programs with the foundation are as follows: beach obstacle course, tandem surfing, body-boarding, kayaking, stand up paddle and outrigger canoeing.

What a joy to talk with Mike Prestridge of the Best Day Foundation, yesterday.  Not only is the Best Day Foundation a way for surfers to pay it forward, its a great way  for anyone to mark off the Best Day Foundation of their #Payitforwardbucketlist.  As someone who loves to give back and has a love for the ocean it’s perfect to be a part of this organization as a volunteer. How the Beach Buddy program works: You are pared with a participant, you help him/her put on a wet-suit, play on the beach, other fun activities for the day etc. What a great feeling helping kids and adding a big smile to their face! The Best Day Foundation excursions will give these children that feeling of bliss that surfers feel!

MCKINNON SURF AND SUP LESSONS              lesson group    (Photo Credit McKinnon Surf & Sup Lessons)

    One of my favorite Lyrics from the band ELO. “Sailing away on a crest of a wave, its like magic… Its a livin thing”  (Cindy Lee- Bucket List Coach Web Show)

  So what lesson type fits your needs? Stand up Paddle or Surf Lessons?                   Enjoy a fun day learning how to perfect your Paddle Board skills with Rocky! Book a Paddle Board lesson with your colleagues. Its a great way to to connect with co workers and for sure is a great way to appreciate your employees. Looking for team building ideas? This is it!  Rocky offers open ocean, Huntington Harbor, private lessons and fitness classes.  Prices are as follows: Individual- $100 for 1 person (1 hour), additional person $50 and an additional hour $75. 3 Lesson Package: $275 1 person (1 hour) & $450 (2 hrs). Corporate: $95 6- 10 students,  $90 11-15 students and $85 16-20 students.

Surf Lessons: They Say the best things in life are on the other side of fear! I have always been intrigued by the craft of Surfing!  From watching surfers carve the gnar here in Surf City USA to attending surf competitions.

Rocky offers beginning lessons for all ages, group, corporate and the adaptive surf program. Prices are as follows: Individual- $100 for 1 person (1 hour), additional person $50 and an additional hour $75. 3 Lesson Package: $275 1 person (1 hour) & $450 (2 hrs). 3 Lesson Package: $275 1 person (1 hour) & $450 (2 hrs). Corporate: Contact Rocky at 714-377-6101. Adaptive Surfing:  $250 1 person and $350 (The chair board)

THE BOLD AS LOVE OUTRIGGER SURF CANOE                                                                  

Bringing Aloha Spirit right here to Surf City USA. What a fabulous way to bring our community together and of course another fun excursion to add to the #surfcitybucketlist, #socalbucketlist and #adrenelinebucketlist.

rocky canoe

   (Photo Credit: Bold as Love Outrigger Surf Canoe)

The Bold as Love Outrigger Canoe takes place on the  south side of the Huntington Beach Pier. Dates and times are posted on Instagram and Facebook.  The Bold As Love Outrigger Canoe provides free access to this excursion. Anyone can RSVP by responding to the post on the social media pages.  All attendees of this excursion are to attend the 30 minute orientation prior to hitting the surf. The Outrigger only goes out on low “surf swell” days. It all depends on the day’s conditions of the surf! Sea you there.. We are excited.


The Knott’s Berry Farm Brand New Coaster: #KnottsHangtime     

WOW how cool for Rocky… So proud of what the Mckinnon brand has accomplished!rocky hangtime 2

The roller coaster fits right into the park’s Boardwalk theme area with an array of surfboards at its entrance and different types of beach fencing. There are more beautiful boards throughout the grounds, all created by Huntington Beach surfboard designer Rocky McKinnon. There is also a small building on the site dubbed McKinnon’s surf shop paying homage to him. Article in the #OcRegister read here…


The world is our playground so lets go out and play! Tomorrow is not promised live life through the power of amazing excursions.  Do something that scares you! Have fun with it! When was the last time you did something for the very first time?


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Mark your #funbucketlist with Rocky!

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rocky paddle


Sea you in Surf City! Cindy (Bucket List Coach) #bucketlistcoach #bucketlistwebshow

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