The Fun life of a travel agent and Vlogger…

As a traveler and blogger I was getting more and more intrigued to be a travel agent.  I have been blogging and vlogging for several years so why not get paid for it!

  • You get to share your passion.
  • You travel and experience amazing cultures.
  • You can be your own boss and work at home.
  • You make lifelong connections.
  • You’re selling a dream.
  • You get paid to bucket list
  • It’s never boring. Always great to do something for the first time!
  • You’re connected with like-minded people.
  • You get to share your experience.

me cabo me

Join my Bucket List Tribe and become an agent too! Join The Travel Agent Bucket List Tribe

The best way to be successful is to specialize in area(s) of travel. For example my areas I specialize in are Cruises, Mexico and Hawaii. Although I can book for clients anywhere. These are my 3 areas. What I am most excited about is going to Spain for Running of the Bulls in 2021.

Thanks for reading… See some videos from Wanderlust Wednesday

Doing a girls trip to Spain for Running of the Bulls July 2021, if you like to join email me at

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  1. Larch Gauld says:

    This is an interesting concept and a change to the normal way to get paid to travel.


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