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From Professional Chef to professional Podcaster, Travel Agent & Client Retention Specialist.

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First off, let’s be friends on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/cindyleesurfcity

Read my referrals https://bucketlistcoachblog.wordpress.com/referrals-for-cindy/

I will take you back to my teens. It was always a #careerbucketlist to become a professional Chef. Starting in junior high and high school I entered many baking contests, as baking was my first passion… The competitions inspired me to pursue my dream of being a Culinarian, so I left working at UPS, to pursue my culinary dreams. I honed my skills through working in fine dining and hotels… Ended my career in the cruise industry. During my experience in culinary arts, I dabbled in marketing, owned a personal chef business as well as a house-keeping business.

In the early 90’s I began learning professional networking through sphere of influence and later as a part of BNI. (Business Networking International) For many years I wrote a journal on nuggets of referring and networking which was a benefit as I am about to publish my first book. Many of my inspirations came from Ivan Misner, Bob Burg and Jeffery Gitomar. https://www.facebook.com/referralrockstarpocketguide

As a result of my marketing experiences, I started a client retention business helping small business professionals stay in touch with clients, which is now http://www.facebook.com/surfcityalohagifts This has been great for growing my business as well. As it’s a way to be on “top of mind”, with my clients. In addition to client retention, I have helped small businesses as a social media manager, which in turn got me started in the travel industry as working over 100 hours a week, I wanted something fun to add to my resume. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic my client retention business has been thriving since my travel business is in the tourism industry all my bookings moved to 2021 and beyond.

Giving back has been a part of my life for many years. What I am most proud of is the events I have orchestrated. Here are just a few…. Including raising 13k for the Virginia Tech Hookie Spirit Memorial fund (Chef’s tapa challenge, live band, silent auction, live auction), helping a client to raise funds for his child during cancer treatment (Which former San Francesco 49er Dwight Clark was a part of), as well as co-hosting with Randy Taylor, a Comedy Tweetup to benefit a Facebook friend’s niece who was healing from a head injury.

In 2012, I started my “Travel Brand” Bucket List Coach. I became a member of an amazing international travel club to help me experience what the world has to offer. As a young person my parents we never able to take me on vacations of much more than a few spots here in the US. In my late 40’s, I was seeing myself existing so I decided it was time for me to “Live” my life and not “Exist” in it. I am making my lifelong bucket list to mark off which started at age 49.

in 2014, I began my journey blogging. http://www.bucketlistcoachblog.com and in 2017 I started my Bucket List Coach Web Show branding http://www.wherescindynow.com and http://www.facebook.com/bucketlistcoachwebshow interviewing bloggers, restaurants and excursion/tour companies in Calf and around the globe. For 3 years now I have been a travel agent as with all the travel I am inspired to do, why not get paid for it? We have 2 dates and a dash its soo important to #makethemostofthedash

in 2018, I became a professional travel agent. Talk about living out my #careerbucketlist http://www.bucketlistcoachtravel.com

As a part of the Bucket List Coach Brand, I give back to various charities helping orphan children. https://www.facebook.com/BucketListCoachVoluntours Stay tuned for 2021 voluntours, we are going back to Baja to give back with Corazon De Vida. https://www.facebook.com/corazondevida

In 2019, I started my #Fearbucketlist beginning with my very first skydive with Sky Dive San Diego and then this year for my 55th Birthday I marked off another fear bucket list with McKinnon Surf & Sup Lessons. Connect with me to check these off your list!

Another way I pay it forward is by being a host of Ask Cindy Connector Live. https://www.facebook.com/askcindyconnectorlive On this webcast I interview small business owners, getting the word out what they do. A great way for my sphere of influence to learn about guests and build rapport!

Thanks to Steamyard for having a platform I am able to broadcast simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube. Go to this link to get started on your web cast. Sign up at https://streamyard.com?pal=5862049133887488 In box me and I can walk you through creating broadcasts.

I am a big fan of National Day Calendar and have always shared their content. This year I became a ambassador of NDC. Here is the article they wrote, so you learn more about me. https://nationaldaycalendar.com/ambassador/usa/ambassador-cindy-lee/

For those who are into Surfing… I occasionally broadcast on Surfer’s Web Show. http://www.facebook.com/surferswebshow

Thanks for reading… Have a fabulous week. Cindy Lee

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