Showing Gratitude using Mailbox Power & National Day Calendar

Mailbox Power What is Mailbox Power? Mailbox Power is a inivative way to stay in touch with clients, family and friends. With Mailbox Power you create an account, send a card and gift, type in recipients address and click send. Mailbox Power will package and mail the product to the recipient. The Perks: 50 free cards per month, pay only .55 cents for postage. (After you utilize your 50 cards allotment, cards are $1.05) Postcards are free and unlimited. You pay only postage! And the biggest perk is with Mailbox Power you are getting paid to be Nice to others!


Our Thursday broadcast is Thursdays at 1 PM PST!

National Day Calendar Check out the National Days, National Weeks, National Months and International to Celebrate Every Day! Stay tuned for my article on my favorite days to celebrate! Using National Day Calendar, we have a way to appreciate others throughout the year.

Co Founder Marlo with Nataional Day Calender loves his #BlondieBrownieday treat!

I am so blessed being ambassador OF NDC Cindy Lee – National Day Calendar January: Feburary: March: April: May: June: July: August: September: October: November: December:

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS For Social Media: New Connections Send a Facebook/Instagram Brownie/Card Design Go Through The National Day Calendar Website or Your Calendar To Pick Special Days To Send Gifts. Send Half Birthday Cards Send Birthday Gifts Send Gifts On Client Anniversary Valentines Day Christmas Happy New Year Show Gratitude To Those You Network With Also!

See designs here If you would like the ones I created message us at or

TRAVEL AGENTS Specific For Travel Agents: Thank You for Letting Us Plan Your Vacation: Travel Agent Card Set #1 (After Client Books-Send Immediately) Travel Agent Card Set #1 ( A few weeks prior to Departure: Packing List Card (Globetrotter) Featuring a Personalized Journal ~ Globetrotter Travel Assortment ( After The Vacation: Customer Brownies/Coaster DRIP 12 month Post Cards 12 Month “New Customer” Travel Agency Postcard Drip Campaign ( Renewal of Passport 6-month Passport Renewal Reminder ( Travel Destinations Post Cards 12-Touch Top Travel Destinations Postcard Campaign (


Sooo many different way to build your Real Estate Business via Mailbox Power. Listen to how Rusty uses the system!

Many Samples to choose from on MailBox Power Customer Engagement Platform (

Thanks for Reading. Cindy Lee

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  1. hamprepper says:

    why is this any better than SendOutCards? Plus SOC has a proven track record, they will be around. I’m just not “feeling” the value of MBP? Please help me understand. Really! Thanks, Hamp

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Hamp…Just seeing your message. SOC is amazing. I was in that company from 2009 to 2020 and sent over 3k in cards and gifts whoohooo! MBP has more of what I was looking for to follow up with those on my travel podcast and travel agency clients as well as my concierge business. Products such as custom mugs, custom charcuterie boards, custom luggage tags, custom wine wine tool boxes, really cool 12 by 12 photo stick ups, custom wine tumblers, custom water bottles, laser engraved bbq set, custom packaging, custom gold balls… The list is endless. The biggest thing for me is having a custom link where I send to people, tell fill out their info and they automatically get the gift as well as a program called text to mailbox…I text an assistant through MBP and I can send my cards right from text. Add a pic, add message, add address they send it for me. Great for after biz meetings and networking events. Have a fab week! Cindy


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