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Update 9 3/21: To sail you will need your Drivers License, Passport, Vaccine and make sure to get tested 72 hours prior to your sailing. If you do not have a Passport you will need to bring your Birth Certificate (Which must have the seal imprinted on the document) Sailing from a US port Passport is not required but recommended! As a client of mine you will receive a RFID Lanyard and a boarding pass holder and packing list. As well as a special thank you after your voyage!

Legal Names: If you will previously married and are now divorced, you will need to bring proof of your divorce paperwork.

Insurance: For some reason you have to cancel your cruise you will receive cruise credit to book for another voyage. See full Insurance details at link below.https://www.princess.com/cruise-tips-vacation-ideas/cruise-destinations/cruise-tips-advice-and-information/is-cruise-insurance-worth-it.html

Guests with Pets: If you wish to bring a pet on your voyage. Read Below! An emotional support dog does not quality as a service dog. Only qualified service dogs. For those wanting to bring service dogs on board, I will sent an email on your behalf and that department will be in direct contact with you prior to your voyage.



COVID 19 PROTOCOLS: Review these links.





I will check in for you into your Booking… As a guest download the Medallion Class app and book any specialty dining.

Watch the 2 video’s below.

See Here: https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ocean-medallion/

Step #3

DINING: For Specialty Dining book on the app with your credit card.

For the Club Class dining, there is no reservations needed for those eligible for Club Class Dining. Club Class Dining is an exclusive dining area featuring expedited seating with no wait. It also features expanded menu options, dedicated waitstaff, unique styled decor and table side preparations. Club Class Dining is available for dinner each night as well as breakfast and lunch on sea days.

Dine My Way is all about personalizing your cruise dining experience. Customize your dining time for each day, whether making reservations for the main dining room (which is included) or specialty restaurants (which charge a small cover charge). Have dinner at the same time each night or change it based on what works for you.* Once on board, you can order food and drinks for delivery wherever you are through OceanNow®. More options at your fingertips means less time waiting and more time to dine your way.







Book Excursions: Go to http://www.bucketlistcoachtraveltours.com Go to my website or let’s book together.

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