Thanks Robert Rose and Anthony Bourdain

Happy National Gratitude Month!

The story on how these 2 travel Rockstar’s changed my life!

Robert with Raw Travel was such an inspiration for the reason I went from being in a travel club to travel podcasting and being a part of American Travel Bureau Travel Agency. My biggest passion is giving back to Orphanages! Voluntourism is a must for your bucket list! Next one on the list is in Puerto Vallarta in April. Click here if you like to join us. We are still taking deposits>

About: Raw Travel showcases the growing wave of socially and environmentally conscious travel and celebrates self-discovery, authentic travel, and experience among other cultures can bring. Each episode typically incorporates some combination of eco-tourism, voluntourism (traveling volunteers), adventure sports, underground music, authentic culture, food, tradition, and, most importantly, inspiring and engaging folks worldwide.

Producer and Host Robert G. Rose (Rob) navigates the sometimes-unpredictable world of travel to locations off and on the beaten path. In the process, Rob & the crew connect with a variety of colorful locals. Web:

Anthony Bourdain has always been such an inspiration from his time in the kitchen to Cooks Tour, No Reservations, to Parts Unknown! Sadly, his life was cut short, June 9, 2018. I am carrying on his legacy by running my podcast interviewing culinarians and those who have a great bucket list story!

Parts Unknown: featuring original stories and video, premium photography, and engaging interactives. Inspired by the Emmy-winning CNN Original Series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown,  Bourdain’s journeys and diving deeper into the places, people, and stories he’s encountered.

And every year on his Birthday, June 25th we celebrate his life using hash tag #Bourdainday. Celebrate Tony by having a dinner party with friends, eat at his favorite restaurant, have his favorite drink: The Negroni”… Follow this TikTok, carrying on his legacy.

Thanks for ready!

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Cindy Lee

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