Bucket List Coach Recommendations for the Cabo Bucket List =)

The Love for Cabo began after joining a travel club in 2012, then the first “Cabo” Cruise in 2019. In 2020, the Cabo Bucket List Mission Began! April 27th, 2023, join us for the #MexicoBucketListCruise Info Below! Celebrating Cindy’s #NationalBucketListDay …See Cruise Info Below! (After quotes)

National Bucket List Day National Day Calendar Article>>>> https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-bucket-list-day-april-24/

Read the blog Article: about National Bucket List Day Learn all about how it was founded and all the different categories of checking off your list and making the most of the dash!




Favorite Quotes: “Don’t exist in life, start living & make the most of the dash”- Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours

“When is the last time you did something for the first time” John Maxwell

“Life Begins at the end of the comfort zone” Neal Donald Walsch

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” Anthony Bourdain

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.” Anthony Bourdain

 “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” Susan Sontag

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

 “Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before.” Dalai Lama

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.” Mark Twain

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R Tolkien

From My Good Friend Karen McNamara: My husband and I love Cabo! From the sunset cruises, the Mexican quinine, the ongoing festivals, and watching thousands of baby sea turtles find their way out to sea, we are drawn back regularly. Meeting the people, learning of their passion for the area, and their genuine concern for making travelers feel special made our day. If looking for help making a vacation of your dreams, Cindy Lee is your gal: from dream to reality.

Thank You Brownies for the Blue’s staying in Cabo!

More Reviews>>>Google & Facebook



About Cindy Lee:

In 2018, Cindy started the next chapter of her brand and became an independent travel agent in Los Angeles with host agency American Travel Bureau. Since 2020, Cindy has been introducing this travel platform to those who travel at least once a year. If you travel once a year or more, you will save on your own travel whether it is for a retreat, a convention, business travel or family travel. It is a great way to travel at wholesale rates, net pricing plus discounts off hotels and more!

Of course fun on Tik Tok with Seattle Lisa and the Oceanspray Cranberry Guy! #420dogface208

All Inclusive: Riu Palace, El Encanto, Playa Grande Resort, Dreams, Hard Rock, Breathless, Pueblo Bonito, Hilton, Four Seasons… Cabo is #1 spot to book for Mexico!

I am spending the next couple years researching really cool things to do and the most amazing places to stay here! Looking to create the most amazing list in Cabo, I got you covered!

It’s important to explore and try new things!!!

The Mayan Monkey is a rad hostel to try in the marina!

Boutique Hotels: City Plus, Verde Baja and Cass Bella. Like to step away from al inclusive a try a boutique hotel. Enjoy Cabo close to the marina and inexpensive tacos!


Starting off with the Riu Palace-Cabo ( 15 minutes from the Marina) An inclusive resort you have to mark off your Cabo bucket list. The Buffet is one of my favorites. Japanese restaurant and steakhouse are my favorites. And poolside make sure to try the Elote. Take really good care of your pool server with a big tip for the day! Make sure to visit the infinity pool for some cocktails.

The Hotel overlooks a stunning white sand beach ensuring your vacation will be an unforgettable one. This hotel in Los Cabos offers all-inclusive 24-hour-a-day service and access to Riu Sante Fe!

Memories of Cabo 2020: Thank You RIU Hotels and Resorts, Hotel Riu Palace Los Cabos, Funjet Vacations, Rancho Tours , WILD CABO TOURS, Barracuda Cantina, Cabo sky blue, Santos Destilados , Sancho’s. (see below)

Watch the memory video below!

Some Recommendations Via Craig Duggins: Sancho’s Taco Gus’s, Giggling Marlin, The Roadhouse, Happy Ending (inexpensive food/drinks and Shaka’s in Cerritos. And the most amazing recommendation is the Caboholics Convention every February!

Stay tuned for my suggestions from upcoming trips!

Looking for a week of fun in Cabo? Excursions, bar hoping and meet other bucket listing new friends? Attend the #Caboholics Convention

Happens every February! I will be going attending in 2025.


Photo Credit: Caboholics Convention

Here are some spots to check off your #Bucketlist in Cabo! Solomon’s, Happy Ending, Uno Mas, Tiki Sushi Bar, Outpost, Sancho’s, Cabo Wabo, Ruth’s Chris, Taco’s Gus’s, Edith’s, Los Tres Gallos, Nobu, Roof Bar & Grill, Bikini Bar….

Stay tuned later in 2023 for a list of more #Foodporn #Drinkporn to check off your list!

Like Beer: Try Baja Brewing Company, Rámuri Cerveza Artesanal Mexicana, The Office, Sur Beach House.

Make sure to visit my travel supplier for more recommendations>https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g152515-Cabo_San_Lucas_Los_Cabos_Baja_California.html

Photo Credit Rob Wheeler

VIA ROB WHEELER ( Message me at bucketlistcoachtravel@gmail.com for updates)


~Pull your Shamrocks & Beer Goggles out, it’s Pub Crawl Time🍀🍻

~You can pop in or out at any time, no signups or fees.. just need to be in Green and ready for a great time💚

~Route & details to be released soon, so just Save the Date for now😎☘️🍀

SPOTLIGHT: Sancho’s bar in the marina!

2019 started the Bucket List with Sancho’s Bar:

The ultimate “Cabo Bucket List Bar” in Cabo San Lucas, a place where expats, vacationers and cruise goers partake in amzing food, drink and new friendships! Sancho’s opened in Oct. 2026, thanks to owners Margo Marek and Courtney Chappell.

TVs are tuned to music videos or live sporting events, amazing musicians, mark off your drink bucket list here, and the kitchen staff dazzles us with like the signature Pink Taco, a hard-shell tortilla filled with your favorite filling and an amazing “made from scratch” nacho sauce and hot sauce. A gastronomic bucket list for Cabo!

Make sure to attend Sancho’s annual business anniversary party!

Make sure to mark off April 27th for #NationalQuesadilladay and National Taco Day October 4th!

Must Try’s: The Pink Taco, Quesadilla, Avocado Bomb, Churro Tequila, Shrimp Po Boy and amazing swag! Watch the video below for all the weekly specials.

Watch this video below from my 2020 trip to Cabo~ Meet to owners of the restaurant and learn all about their weekly specials!

The history of tacos predates the arrival of Europeans in Mexico. Anthropological evidence shows the native people living in the lake region of the Valley of Mexico traditionally ate tacos filled with small fish.  At the time of the Spanish conquistadors, Bernal Diaz del Castillo, documented the first taco feast enjoyed by Europeans. Hernan Cortes arranged this meal for his captains in Coyoacan. It is unclear why the Spanish used the word taco to describe this native food. One suggested origin is the word ataco, meaning stuff or to stuff.

In 1964, Roberto L. Gomez established The National Taco Council. The council sent a 55-pound taco to President Johnson in 1967.

Whether you prefer soft or hard-shelled tortillas, most agree tacos satisfy a snack craving. However, they also make delicious meals. Consider that many are filled with seasoned, lean meats and vegetables, tacos go beyond delicious. Fish tacos and shrimp tacos with grilled seafood add a whole other flavor profile. Ask for grilled chicken and hold the cheese.

Cerritos Beach: Barracuda Cantina and Shaka’s Cabo: Sancho’s, Taco Gus’s (stay tuned for more) Also make sure to check out some places on “Taco Row” or take a culinary tour on my Viator page!


THE HIDDEN GEM: Baraacudo’s in Cerritos Beach and Todo’s Santos. The drinks are amazing and try the Ceviche Tostado, Yellow Tail Fish Taco and Shrimp Taco.

A neighborhood restaurant and bar, located in the heart of Pescadero; a true gateway to gourmet beach-to-table dining, inspired by seasonal produce and local suppliers. I met Dano and his wife Karla, from a recommendation from Rafael, our amazing driver for the day in Cerritos and Todo Santos in October 2020. I was pretty stoked to hear Dano also surf the break in Cerritos Beach!

I hour from Cabo and a must for the Cabo Bucket List! Make sure to Hire Rafale. See They were featured on #Netflex on #TacoChronicles back in 2022. Dano recommends these places to eat: Jazamango, Green Room, Oystera, Mirador.


LIKE BEER? Head over to the Todo’s Santos Brewery =)

Photo Credit: Todos Santos Brewery

Besides the Barracuda Cantina… Check out the California Hotel and grab some beers at https://www.facebook.com/TodosSantosBrewing/

And connect with my friend Rafael for a ride to this iconic vacation spot!

Todos Santos Brewing open 6 days week , 12pm to 9pm (closed Monday). One for your #CaboBucketlist and #beerbucketlist #winebucketlist

Visit the menu> https://www.facebook.com/TodosSantosBrewing/menu.

Like History and Shopping? Visit Todos Santos:


The mission at what is now Todos Santos, Misión Santa Rosa de las Palmas, was founded by father Jaime Bravo in 1723. In 1724, it was renamed Nuestra Señora del Pilar de La Paz. Located across the street to the southwest from the small town plaza, this mission contains the statue of the Virgin of Pilar, which is the focus of Todos Santos’s main festival in November.

During the Mexican American War, the Skirmish of Todos Santos, the last battle of the war, was fought near the town on March 30, 1848.[2]

During the 19th century, following the secularization of the missions, Todos Santos thrived as the Baja sugarcane capital, supporting eight sugar mills at the end of the 19th century. Only one existed by the time the town’s freshwater spring dried up in 1950, and that last mill closed in 1965.

(Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours)

This is a fun little town to visit especially outside of when #Covid 19 started. In 2020, a few of the businesses where temporarily closed. The time is now to book. And add some more bucket listing and world schooling to your list!

And the best “Margarita” in Todos Santos is across the street from this hotel!

SURF SHOPS: Todo’s Santos and Cerritos Beach (Stay tuned for the story of these shops)


And connect with Rafael for Transportation (see below) Thanks to Melanie Garcia with in the Facebook Caboholics group. An amazing day in Cerritos Beach and Todo’s Santos! Connect with him on Facebook!


WHAT IS VIATOR 🙂 The largest excursion booking site on the planet. I am here to help you Book #Cabo for your next trip here~


 Here to help you book more travel experiences, we believe that making memories is what travel is all about. And with 300,000+ experiences to explore—everything from simple tours to extreme adventures (and all the niche, interesting stuff in between)—making memories that will last a lifetime has never been easier. Below I will feature a few of my favorite suppliers.

Pirate Cruise, Rancho Tours: Cabo Arch Tours) (See Below) Also partake in the Whale Watching, Sunset Cruise, Snorkeling and of course the Fooide Tour!

SOME OF MY SUPPLIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Pirate Cruise includes a BBQ dinner with Drinks at $100 a person… And a blast in a half for your #CaboBucketlist. Make it even more fun by having a drink contest with travel companions… Every time some says “Apparently”- take a drink. LMAO- Create those priceless memories and make the most of your dash!

Been taking Rancho Tours for many years for myself as well as my clients… And always a must when booking the Cabo Arch Tours! Connect with me to book this! This excursion is pretty epic, as it also includes a picture of the iconic “Cabo Arch”

Santos Destilados: Stay Tuned for Story

Looking for amazing Tequila to check off your list?

Experience how tequila and mezcal is made in a fun in unique way

+ Enjoy a full array of Mexico´s most delicious spirits !

+ Tequila, mezcal, sotol, wine…be sure not to miss our flavored tequilas!

+ Experience the history, the passion and the artistry with a complementary

   Tequila tour EVERY 30 minutes !

+ ARRIBA, ABAJO AL CENTRO Y ´PA DENTRO! SALUD ! Love to book for you!

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT VOLUNTOURISM When was the last time you gave back to an Orphanage? I first started my journey into Voluntourism in 2012, when I joined my first travel club. I have ventured from Puerto Vallarta to Ensenada and now Cabo! I will be joining the Casa Hogar Orphanage in 2023, end of August! An Amazing #Payitforwardbucketlist Check out my “Voluntour Facebook at


For our August trip to Cabo we will be visiting Casa Hogar Orphanage! An amazing experience voluntouring! As in April will be giving back to Casa Hogar in Puerto Vallarta!

Thanks for reading! Come back soon! Cindy Lee The Original Bucket List Coach http://www.bucketlistcoachtravel.com

YOUTUBE http://www.wherescindynow.com

TIK TOK http://www.tiktok.com/@bucketlistcoachtravel

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  1. My husband and I love Cabo! From the sunset cruises, the Mexican quinine, the ongoing festivals, and watching thousands of baby sea turtles find their way out to sea, we are drawn back regularly. Meeting the people, learning of their passion for the area, and their genuine concern for making travelers feel special made our day. If looking for help making a vacation of your dreams, Cindy Lee is your gal: from dream to reality.


  2. Thanks Karen… We should go sometime. What tacos places do you frequent?


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