What is on your Bucket List? National Bucket List Day (April 24th)

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Favorite Quotes: “Don’t exist in life, start living & make the most of the dash”- Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours

“When is the last time you did something for the first time” John Maxwell

“Life Begins at the end of the comfort zone” Neal Donald Walsch

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” Anthony Bourdain

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.” Anthony Bourdain

 “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” Susan Sontag

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

 “Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before.” Dalai Lama

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.” Mark Twain

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R Tolkien

From My Good Friend Karen McNamara: My husband and I love Cabo! From the sunset cruises, the Mexican quinine, the ongoing festivals, and watching thousands of baby sea turtles find their way out to sea, we are drawn back regularly. Meeting the people, learning of their passion for the area, and their genuine concern for making travelers feel special made our day. If looking for help making a vacation of your dreams, Cindy Lee is your gal: from dream to reality.

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Each year this day will be celebrated with the Bucket List Coach Travel and Tour brand on a cruise or land vacation.

What is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is the list you make to make the most of the dash. It is a list of goals, dreams and aspirations that you would like to accomplish before you pass away. The basic meaning of a bucket list is to keep track of your goals and keep yourself accountable to achieve all you want in life.

Document your experiences on social media. #nationalbucketlistday

Live life through the DASH

We have 2 dates and a dash. The day you were born and the day you pass away. What are you doing in between that time? Live your life to the fullest, tomorrow is not promised. #makethemostofthedash

Cindy’s Story: In her mid-forties she realized life was passing her by, she had been existing most of her life.

 She started her journey as a travel blogger, podcaster and travel agent with a mission to bucket list from  50 to 90 and beyond.  She started a list that will be achieved until her golden years! She is making the most of the dash.

Make it your mission to start your bucket list in your 20s to 90’s and beyond!

What countries do you want to visit? What foods do you want to try? What events do you want to attend?

NDC: Ambassador with National Day Calendar>https://nationaldaycalendar.com/?s=cindy+lee

BIO: Article on Voyage LA>http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-cindy-lee-rhodes-of-huntington-beach?

BECOME a Celebration ambassador: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/ambassador/


Do not wait till you retire to experience the world! Tomorrow is not promised. CELEBRATE EVERYDAY! LIKE ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!

You don’t need a fancy vacation you can also experience activities that are local to check off your bucket list!


Use hashtag #makethemostofthedash #nationalbucketlistday and #celebrateeveryday


(1) Fun Bucket List: What is something fun you always wanted to do?

Learn to paint, drive a race car, more to come on the blog in April!

(2) Fear Bucket List: 

Skydive, Learn to Surf, Zipline, jump off a cliff just to name a few.

(3) What is on your Food Porn Bucket List?

Food Porn is classified as the best food on the planet you have partaken in!

Beer Bucket List! Las Vegas Bucket List! Cruise Bucket List! Support Local!

(4) Car Porn Bucket List

What is a muscle car have you always wanted to drive or car show to attend?

(5) Earth Porn Bucket List: What places around the world do you wish to explore? What beaches/oceans

or mountains are on your list? Walk on black sand beach Maui to name a few, visit Huntington Beach Calif


Pay It Forward Bucket Lists: Donate time to an orphanage, do a beach clean up, pay it forward to someone in need.

(7) Nature Bucket list? Where in the world do you want to travel and experience nature? Thailand

Elephant ride, Whales/Dolphins in Hawaii, Road to Hana

(8) Business Bucket list: Take a YouTube training, Speak on a Ted Talk stage, Attend a Tony Robbins Conference, become a Author! 

(9) Career Bucket List What is something you always wanted to do?

Professional Chef, Lawyer, Doctor… What have you always wanted to do? How about a Travel Agent? I have always wanted to be a Travel Agent, since my early 20s. Then after taking my first cruise, I fell in love with travel!

You can be an agent for your own travels with Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours for under $100.

 See what agents are saying>http://www.Tinyurl.com/AtbTravelReviews

(10) National Day Calendar Bucket List

What is your favorite April NDC DAY?  https://nationaldaycalendar.com/april/

Tip: National Day Calendar is a way to grow your business. By using the calendar throughout the year!

Use NDC as a way to think of ideas to send a client or friend a gift.

Example: National Brownie Day, National Blonde Brownie Day, Ice Cream Day, Popcorn Day.

Celebrate National Aviation History Month and Gratitude month in November.

Use NDC as a way to promote a local business based on a NDC Day, week or month!

Cindy is the Author of “Growing your Business through Referrals & National Days”

Book: Learn great nuggets on using the National Day Calendar to grow business!


Growing Your Business Through Referrals and National Days | Facebook 


Starting in 2023:

April 22-29. 2023

Like to join us?

We will be celebrating Sea Day and Bucket List Day on http://www.MexicoBucketListCruise.Com   

Other National Celebrations on the Carnival Panorama

Humor Month (Comedy Club)

Brunch Month (Fun Sea Days: Sea Day Brunch & Green Eggs & Ham Restaurant)

24th: National Bucket List Day (enjoy fun activities, take a cooking class)

25th: Volunteer Month (Give Back with Casa Hogar Maximo Puerto Vallrta)

27th: Celebrating Guitar Month (Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucus)

28Th: International Pay It Forward Day (Buy someone a drink or Carnival swag)

2024: New Orleans

2025: Virgin Voyage Cruise( Caribbean) or Niagara Falls (Tba)

Stay tuned on NationalBucketListDay.Com  



Museum Bucket List

Examples like Peterson Auto Museum,  Us Thunderbird Museum, Mob Museum, Neon Museum, Midway Museum, EAA Aviation Museum, Lyon Air Museum, National Navy Aviation Museum, Space Center Houston, Shelby American Collection, Foose Design Museum, Vatican, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. (Stay tuned for more)

(12) Aviation Bucket List

 Midway Museum, Us Thunderbirds Museum,..(also see above)

Find some plane spotting locations like .Princess Juliana Airport  Saint Maarten (planes fly over beach) LAX, San Francisco Bayfront park, just to name a few!

(13) Movie Bucket LIst 

What movies do you want to watch?

Some scary, romantic comedy, musicals, action. aviation, documentary, sports and science fiction.

Get creative: Example watch Eat, Ptay, Love and create dishes featured in the movie.


(14) Best Friend Bucket List

Have you experienced fun with your Bff? 

Paint and wine event, visit a winery, take a beach vacation, mani-pedi, cooking class,


(15) Couples Bucket List

Sandals Resort, hire a in home chef,  cook dinner together,

couples massage beach day, dinner and a movie out!


Health/Wellness Bucket list, Book Bucket List, World Bucket List, Finances Bucket List,

Waterfall Bucket List, Cruise Bucket List, Also make bucket lists based on cities and countries, The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for reading!



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