Using National Day Calendar: My favorite days to remember

In my book, “Growing Your Business Through Referrals and National Days”

I talk about 5 to 6 days/months, weeks you can use for each month.

On this blog post I share my entire full list! Like to learn more about National Day Calendar, how days are picked and how you can set up your own day?

Watch this video!

(1) Use National Day Calendar as a way to love on others in your sphere of influence. You can buy a calendar & swag at

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National Day Calendar® is the original and authoritative source for fun, unusual and unique National Days! Since our humble beginnings on National Popcorn Day in 2013, we have been tracking the National Days, National Weeks, National Months, and International Days. We became the first calendar of its kind to curate the days all in one place and tell their stories, too! Here at National Day Calendar, we are on a mission to Celebrate Every Day with you!  And by you, we mean families, businesses, educators, and strangers we meet on the street. There’s more than one day for everyone.

At National Day Calendar, we’ve found the National Days have a way of inspiring us. We’re honored to tell the stories behind the days and provide you with informational ways to incorporate the National Days into your business, family, schools, and home!

Become an ambassador Like Ricky and I and a slew of others! (Text me and I can help you get approved)

If you’re an instigator of fun or a glass half full kind of person, our Ambassador Program could be for you! 

We love our community of followers at National Day Calendar. Recognizing Celebrate Every Day means something different to everyone. This is why we are looking for people who are willing to share our passion in their own unique way.

You will make the perfect National Day Calendar Ambassador if you:

  • Celebrate Every Day®;
  • Have people ask you what national day it is; 
  • Already use National Day hashtags;
  • Have an established online presence;
  • Are friendly and approachable with an outgoing personality; and 
  • Conduct yourself at a high level of professionalism;

Our Ambassadors understand the value of connecting with the world by spreading a positive message. We want to partner with people who are willing to spread joy. Our Ambassadors are energetic and natural leaders. Let us help you expand your reach on social media. 

As an Ambassador, you will have a page with your story linked to the National Day Calendar website. We have a minimum requirement of a weekly post about a National Day to your Social Media accounts. However, we encourage you to do as much as you want!

Your Ambassador role can consist of live video, as well as images. We ask you to use National Day Calendar hashtags and @ mentions in your posts. In addition, we encourage you to wear our gear to start a conversation with anyone who notices that extra spring in your step. Founder Marlo Anderson has that opportunity everywhere he goes. He enjoys experiencing reactions to the phrase Celebrate Every Day!

If you feel you’re a natural connector, we invite you to represent us as an Official Ambassador. Use the form below to tell us about yourself. Submitting the form does not obligate you or National Day Calendar in any way. 



2nd (Who do you know that is a personal trainer)

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day                       

Custom mug or sports bottle with National Personal Trainer Awareness Day paired with a custom card. Other option is to give a card and gift card from a local meal prep company.

4th National Spaghetti Day                                              

Send a custom card with gift card to Cheesecake Factory or Olive Garden. If you want to go a different route get a gift card from a local restaurant and pay it forward to a friend or business connection.

6th National Technology Day    

9th National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 

Make a card and a custom mug to show gratitude for this special day of celebration. In Person: Drop off a Cake or Charcuterie Board! Collab with a bakery and catering company.

10th Shop for Travel Day  Support a Travel Agent by supporting their small business vs big box companies. Make a post on social media paying it forward.

14th National Vision Board Day – Second Saturday in January.

Make a 8.5 by 11 greeting card with the 4 quadrants.

Experiences/Travel, Career, Dreams/Goals/Achievements & Health Goals.  Think of others who would enjoy this and make as a business gift!

14th National  Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Make a custom card and attach a gift card to Cold Stone Creamery.

19th National Popcorn Day

National Day Calendar began on National Popcorn Day in 2013. For this foodie holiday I use a online platform by making a custom card and custom sticker for a personalized popcorn gift! The 10 year anniversary is in 2022. Watch the video at>

Get to Know Your Customers Day  – Third Thursday of Each Quarter                                                                        

19th Gift ideas are as follows> Custom mugs, brownies, tumblers, wine tumblers, pens, caramels, big cookies, cinni-bears, grip jar opener coasters, jelly belly candies or caramel corn.

21st National Use Your Gift Card Day – Third Saturday in January                                                                               Custom card with a gift card: Starbucks, Stone Cold Creamery, Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steak House…

22nd National Blonde Brownie Day

Use an online platform to send a custom card with a blonde brownie with the persons picture on the brownie. Or patronize a local bakery and drop off in person.

23rd National Pie Day  

Patronize a local bakery and pay it forward to a friend or business owner with a “Pie Gift”

24th National Peanut Butter Day  & National Compliment Day   

Pay it forward to a friend or local business with a gift of a peanut butter cookie and pay them a compliment or compliment a complete stranger and hand them a cookie. (Patronize a local bakery)

National Weeks/Months

National Pizza Week  2nd Sunday 

Find a local business to feature on social media and promote them in front of your sphere of influence. And even go the extra step by purchasing a gift card to another local business.

Get together with friends for a Pizza/Movie Night Party in the theme of Eat, Play, Love! Make or order the Pizza that was featured in the movie.

National Mocktail Week 2nd week

Who do you know that doesn’t drink alcohol? Take a friend out for a “Mocktail” and support a local business.

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week Begins the 3rd Sunday

Promote a local juice bar or taco shop on social media.

National Meat Week  Last Sunday in January

Pay it forward to a local restaurant by featuring on of their meat dishes and sharing to social media, patronize a local butchery and promote them on social media or purchase a gift certificate from your favorite steakhouse to gift someone.

National Blood Donor Month 

Contact your local blood bank and pay it forward to those in need.

National Menudo Month 

Who has the best Menudo in town! Celebrate with friends and pay it forward on social media, sharing this great Mexican Soup. By the way, It is also “Soup Month”

National Mentoring Month  Do you have a mentor? Send them a card and gift or treat them to a lunch/dinner to show gratitude. Another great idea is to take them to a day cation excursion.

As I finish up my book I will adding the rest of the year.. Come back soon!

Cindy Lee

Author, Growing your business through referrals and national days

And check out my day at

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