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From Chef and Social Media Coach to Bucket List Coach & Social Media Influencer.  After years of fun vacations, cruises, foodie crawls and my bucket list excursions for friends and clients I was inspired to start this blog in 2014… In February of 2018 I started my Bucket List Coach Web Show.  

Life is too short… Live out the rest of your life doing what you love. Read the full blog here… Scroll~

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MY INSPIRATIONS:                                                                                                                        Thanks to Anthony Bourdain (TV Chef)an inspiration of mine for years, seeing him travel the globe and tell his culinary and bucket list stories.  Make sure to Celebrate #BourdainDay every June 25th!   Thanks to Rocky McKinnon with The Bold As Love Outrigger Surf  Experience and McKinnon Surf & Sup Lessons his passion for his craft is very contagious and inspired me to overcome my fear to learn how to surf, which happens this summer! Stay tuned for my upcoming surf lesson.  Do you want to learn to surf?
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~Woooo hooo!!!.. If u dont have a Bucket list Already..U should plan one� My Girl Cindy@ The Bucketlist Webshow can definitely make Dreams come True!..Speaking from Experience with her!..Explore The World & Live Everyday like it would be your Last!..Check Out The Bucketlist Webshow & Live Life 100� I got to surf for the first time with McKinnon Surf & Sup Lessons in 2018. Jenn Garcia

All I can say for my experiences with Cindy Lee is that they have been excellent professional on the mark and with great results so if you’re planning on traveling call Cindy Lee she will hook you up and you will love her for that happy travels. Professional reliable best prices- Cindy will get you going on your journey and the best way possible check her out. Lynn Manko

My Family and I
just returned from a Utah and one stop in Vegas Vacation…
where we saved $100 off our fist stop in Vegas at the M Resort,
This summer the family is saving almost Half the price in admission to 2 top Amusement parks and 100s of excursions to enjoy with an extra $200.00 shopping dollars on top of that.   Art Valazuez

I have used Cindy Rhodes several times for travel and every time she has saved me significant amount of money. Her professionalism and promptness with getting back to me with my itinerary it has been 2nd to none. I would highly recommend Cindy for any of your travel needs whether it be business or recreational vacation whatever the case might be you cannot go wrong she’s always there always answered her phone. Daniel Petrucelli  See the rest of my referrals here…

Ready to Bucket List.  Contact me to be featured on her Bucket List Web Show. Like to join us on a excursion?

Business and PR Inquiries 714 604 9246  Text me to get your FREE ” How to Bucket List E Book”

🏖Next on the bucket list “Learn to Surf: =)




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