The Big Bucket List (49 to 99)

me sarah

I seen my life flash before me so I decided it was time to make the most of the dash. Here is my age 49 to 99 Bucket List that I have done and to check off the list!

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Write A Book

Get a Tattoo

Own my Own Business

Hoover Dam

Become a travel agent

Skydive San Diego

Become a Chef

Orchestrate an Orphanage Vacation Nov 3 2014

Drive a Muscle Car

Nola Ghost Tours /Nola Food Tour

Live in Vegas

Work on a Cruise Ship

Become a Cougar

Help a Complete Stranger

Become a Chef

Lahaina Maui

Maui-Road to Hana

Puerta Vallarta

Run a business making a difference to others

Become a Mentor

Move to So Cali

Write a Book

Drive a 69 Camaro

Meet A celebrity: Gregory Harrison/RedFox

Do a fundraiser with a Public Figure ( Dwight Clark)

Start a Vlog

Start a YouTube

Give Blood

Play Strip Poker

Enter a eating contest

Overcome Speaking fears

Visit Catalina Island

Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

Road trip Vegas to Tahoe

Gamble in Vegas

Deep Sea Fishing

Nude Beach Hawaii

Polar Bear Plunge

Autograph from someone famous

Hawaii Luau

Round Of Golf


Orchestrate a Fundraiser (5)

Sleep on the beach

Karaoke on Carnival Cruise Line

Sing Happy Birthday at a Public Place (AAA Office)

Hollywood Walk of Fame

LA: Olvera Street (Foodie Bucket List)

Bacon Bar Vegas



Largest Taco In New Jersey

Largest Pizza in Vegas

Largest Drink in Vegas

Mob Museum Vegas

See The Eifel Tower

Take a Paining Class

Grape Stomping

Hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa

invest Something

Spiritual Retreat

Volunteer to a soup kitchen

Volunteer to a Children’s Hospital

Participate in an Open Mic Night

Celebrate Dia de Los Muerto Festival

Learn a new language

Run a Marathon

Visit a Castle

Eat street food in a Foreign Country

Say Hello in various languages

Play Guitar

Make a million dollars

Demo Derby Competitor

Learn to perfect swimming

Reach my Goal Weight: Weight in at 130#

Send a message in a bottle

Ride in a Helicopter

Ride an Elephant

Experience the Northern Lights

Crash a Wedding

Bahamas Cruise

Swim with Dolphins

Horseback in Hawaii

Learn to Surf

Learn to Paddle Board

Ride an Outrigger

Surf Hawaii (Baby waves)

Surf K38

Surf Puerto Escondido

Ride a War Plane

Video and Photograph “The Wedge”

Stairway To Heaven- Big Island

Skydive Over Ocean- Dubai

Cooking Class a Japan

Great Wall Of China

Napa Valley Balloon Ride

Ride a Zip Line

Learn a Martial Art

Beach House- So California

Beach House- Cabo

Beach House- Rosarito

Travel to Europe

Running With The Bulls- Spain

Valencia, Spain


Vatican City

Grand Caymans



Dominican Republic

Seattle- Seafood Market

Salsa Class-Puerto Rico


Learn To Scuba

Ride an Elephant- Thailand

Witness Something Majestic

Climb Kilimanjaro

See The Pyramids


Machu Picchu- Peru

Bora Bora

Alaskan Cruise

Wide Open Baja

Mediterranean Cruise

Alalum Falls in Sumilao- Philippines

New York City

Washington DC

Niagara Falls

Rio De Janiero


Fiji Islands



Island Of Man- Britain



Butchart Garden- Victoria Canada

Mt. Rushmore, Greece, Galapagos

San Francisco Food Tour

Napa Valley Cooking Class

Grape Stomp-Italy

Copenhagen, Denmark

Monte Carlos


St. Lucia

Turks & Caicos



Hollywood Sign

The Appalachian Trail


Yosemite Waterfalls

Yosemite Chef Series- Holidays



Vermont Culinary Vacation

African Safari


Eat Chocolate In Switzerland

New Zealand


Paint in Monet’s Garden

Victoria Falls- Zimbabwe


Costa Rica



San Diego

Great wall of China ….

Own a b/b-hostel

Customize Design Home

Learn How To Sing

Learn How to Play Drums and Guitar

Interview a Rock Star

Ride a Motorcycle

See Tony Robbins Live

Get married in an exotic location

Buy a Muscle Car

Drive a Ferrari

Drive a Race Car



You can purchase books at

MY Book coming in 2015! How to be`a Professional Networking Rock-Star

First Books To Read: Get to success!

As a Man Thinketh- James Allen

Think & Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill

Power of Positive Thinking- Vincent Peal

How to Win Friends & Influence People- Dale Carnegie

How to sell anything to anyone-Joe Girard

The Go Giver and Go Giver Sell More- Bob Burg     

Endless Referrals, Its all about you- Bob Burg

Tony Robbins- Unlimited Power

Slight Edge- Jeff Olson

Secrets of the millionaire mind- T. Harv Eker

12 Pillars Jim Rohn

Good to Great- Jim Collins

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself- Shad Helmstetter

The Magic of Thinking Big- Dr. David Schwartz

Rich Dad / Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki

The 4 Hour Work Week-Tim Ferris Getting Things Done- David Allen

The Science of Getting Rich-Wallace D. Wattles

The Millionaire Mindset- Gerry Robert

The Power of Your Spoken Word-Louise Hay

Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway-Susan Jeffers

Creative Visualisation- Shakti Gawain

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind -Joseph Murphy

New Psycho-Cybernetics– Maxwell Maltz

The Richest Man in Babylon-George S. Clason

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People-Stephen R. Covey

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion-Robert B. Cialdini

The Millionaire Next Door- Thomas J. Stanley

The Power of the Spoken Word -Florence Shinn

More Anthony Robbins:

John Maxwell Books: 21 irrefutable laws of Leadership The 5 levels of leadership 17 indisputable laws of team work 25 ways to win people Attitude 101 Be a people person Becoming a person of influence Dare to dream- then do it Developing the leader within you How high will you climb How successful people grow How successful people lead How successful people think How to influence people Learning from the giants Mentoring 101 Self Improvement 101 Success 101 Teamwork 101 Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn Teamwork makes the dream work Maxwell leadership bible The winning attitude your roadmap to success Thinking for a change: 11 ways highly successful people approach life & work

Joe Girard: Words to live by, How To Close Every Sale, How To Sell Anything To Anybody, How To Sell Yourself, Mastering Your Way to the Top and Mastering your way to the top.

Jeffrey Gitomar series of Books





Tuscany Culinary Vacay

Check back soon for more!!!

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