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Cindy is friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic about travel. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great vacation!

Thanks for introducing us to this travel platform. Esther Brumleve
My Family and I,
just returned from a Utah and one stop in Vegas Vacation,,,
where we saved $100 off our fist stop in Vegas at the M Resort,
This summer the family is saving almost Half the price in admission to 2 top Amusement parks and 100s of excursions to enjoy with an extra $200.00 shopping dollars on top of that.   Art Valazuez

I have used Cindy Rhodes several times for travel and every time she has saved me significant amount of money. Her professionalism and promptness with getting back to me with my itinerary it has been 2nd to none. I would highly recommend Cindy for any of your travel needs whether it be business or recreational vacation whatever the case might be you cannot go wrong she’s always there always answered her phone.          Daniel Petrucelli

All I can say for my experiences with Cindy Lee is that they have been excellent professional on the mark and with great results so if you’re planning on traveling call Cindy Lee she will hook you up and you will love her for that happy travels. Professional reliable best prices- Cindy  will get you going on your journey and the best way possible check her out. Lynn Manko

Cindy is a great person and will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you out! Hands down A+ in loyalness, and trustworthiness! Blake Odem

~Woooo hooo!!!.. If u dont have a Bucket list Already..U should plan one� My Girl Cindy@ The Bucketlist Webshow can definitely make Dreams come True!..Speaking from Experience with her!..Explore The World & Live Everyday like it would be your Last!..Check Out The Bucketlist Webshow & Live Life 100. I got to surf for the first time with Mckinnon Surf & Sup Lessons in 2018.

If you have a Bucket List, contact Cindy to help you get it done with great rates. If you don’t have a Bucket List, get busy and make one, then contact Cindy because she has all the scoops on where to go and what to do! Such an amazing and fun person to work with too Patrica Armstrong

Everyone has a bucket list and Cindy plans great events to make sure you accomplish your personal goals and to knock things off your bucket list at the same time! So excited for your upcoming Surf City events!!! Jenn Brian

Cindy is simply awesome! She works hard and efficiently to help her clients have the BEST experience. 5 Stars from me! Kathy O’Brien

Cindy is the real deal! Fun, enthusiastic and professional in all dealings. I recommend her to anyone seeking a bucket list experience. Suzanne West


I have known and done joint events with Cindy Rhodes for over 7 years. Her creativity in coming up with event ideas that get interest has been valuable. She also is an advancer of ideas which makes her an ideal collaborative partner for others that are creative and want to advance a business idea but are stuck at the implementation stage. I am comfortable recommending her for event management and planning and for increasing exposure via social media combined with creativity. 5.0 stars.   Randy Taylor

I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy on several occasions. Cindy is a dedicated, professional woman who does what ever she can to make her clients happy! She really knows the meaning of Go-Giving!   Cheryl Van Ornun   

Now mentoring young entrepreneurs, Cindy has demonstrated great support for those new in the business of special services, such as event coordination, catering, and small business ownership. She will benefit any client, team member, or colleague in helping their business move forward! USAF Ret. James Wade Brooks

Cindy has an unbelievable work ethic and knowledge of networks and team building. She is a star and opportunities are right in front of her. Cindy is honest, trustworthy and extremely efficient. Working with her is a huge benefit and I highly recommend her as a person, business partner and friend. Dave Fitkin

Cindy has been very inspiring with her energy for connecting people and helping them grow their business’. She is always looking for opportunities to get people together who might be able to help each other and she is on top of all the new technologies and networking programs. The fact that she enjoys wine too makes the relationship even better. Scott Bigelow

It was great to work with you to help you with your businesses, yes plural, for those who don’t know. Cindy has numerous endeavors, and works really hard to help others “Pay It Forward!!!” So, if you want your business to grow, hook up with Cindy she can help you. And if she can’t, she will put you in the right direction to get you the help you need!!! I also had a great time putting on the Napa Solano Holiday Faire back in November 2012 with the Matt Garcia Foundation!!! How fun it was, and you really know how to do marketing and sales!!! Thank you for what you have taught me especially with all of the different aspects of social media and your card business. People just love receiving cards, yes through the mail, as I did, and I know you’ll continue to build your businesses and help others. Your the best, and thanks for being such a good friend! Alison Bolton            

Cindy is second to none with personal one on one connections and giving back to others!
Any who has a chance to work with her should be so lucky! Your the best! Christina Howe         

Chef Cindy is a hard working, multi-tasker who can handle any job she takes on. She is a pleasure to know! Jayne Pitroff                                                                                               

I met Chef Cindy in 2011, started out as a SendOut Cards customer. Over time we have worked together. She also is knowledgeable in business and paying it forward to other businesses. I would recommend her services to my friends.  

                                                                                                                                                       I have known Cindy for a year now and she is a fantastic person to work with. Cindy is always about helping others grow their business no matter how busy she is. If you need any help with your social media networking, I highly recommend Cindy.   Teresa Smedley

Cindy is the best for building your presence in Social Media. She makes sure you have all the tools you need to be found and seen, getting your product out into the cyber media. Cindy is a person you can trust that really does “Pay It Forward”. She goes out of her way to help you build your business. Cindy is a person you can trust to do what she say she will do.                                                                                                                                                    Turner Photography